The Haunted Lift…

Seeing as it is Halloween today, i thought a Halloween story would be fun! I actually found this on my computer a few days ago when looking through my school work that I did in year 8. I wrote it in a mysterious way to allow several different interpretations of the story so I hope you enjoy it!

One horrid and rainy day at 8 am Felicia Worthington woke up. She yawned miserably and got out of bed. On this usual Saturday morning she was the only one in the flat, her mum was out shopping and pampering herself and her dad was busy at work. Felicia got her cereal and sat at the breakfast table, feeling lonely and sorry for herself, dreading her day to come but thinking about how she would spend her day to prevent that. Suddenly someone stormed though the door, it was her mum. She had come back early from her ‘great Saturday’ because she had got the wrong day in her diary for her back massage, manicure and pedicure. Felicia didn’t say a thing. The silence seemed to echo throughout the rooms until Felicia’s mum wearily went to have a shower. The showers vibrations hummed throughout the rooms in the dull flat. Once Felicia was dressed she decided to finish her homework as she couldn’t really go out on this cold day.

When her mum was out of the shower, she completed half of the ironing and found the rain had stopped. She grabbed her bag and rushed out of the room to go and meet her friends at ‘the coffee shop’. By 10 ‘o’ clock Felicia had finished all her homework and was watching her favourite program on T.V, ‘Big Brother’. After the episode had finished she looked out of the window, the suns blinding light was now gazing down over the city. Below her Felicia watched the rather small people walking around and decided to go out and join them. Walking out of the flat, she shivered with the thought of going down the revolting lift. It cranked and crackled as it unsteadily ‘fell’ down to the ground floor. Felicia walked out of the new, modern tower block, remembering her childhood spent in the same place. At 12 she knew she was probably lonelier than any other child living in that block.

When she got to her favourite shop, ‘the little corner shop’, she stepped inside to hear the ‘ding a ling a ling’ of a new customer. She stared at all of the different colours, shapes and types of sweets and picked her usual, jelly tots. Once she had paid she realised it was raining again, so she walked back getting soaked. When she came to the junction she decided to take a short cut, through the woods. It was a gloomy path but it stopped most of the rain getting to her. Suddenly, a bicycle sped past her, but, there was no one on it, Felicia dodged as quickly as possible but she lost her balance falling to the side of the path. She tripped and fell backwards but not to the ground, but to water. She had fallen into a grubby pond, 4 meters high! There was one problem Felicia could swim but all the sides of the pond were too high up to reach, she was too cold to move and was bleeding on the head.

Felicia woke up feeling weird and different but she got up from the path believing she had just fallen asleep. Arriving back, the shabby lift in her block of flats welcomed her with its doors open. She walked onto it thinking everyone was asleep and that she was late for her bedtime. As the rattling lift shifted upwards, it suddenly stopped at the 1st floor. Felicia peeped through the doors of the lift. She saw and her mother and father playing ‘peek-a-boo’ and then cradling little Felicia in their arms. Then the doors slammed shut and Felicia was taken up to floor 2. There she saw her father leaving for work and her mother feeding her a soft cut up banana, the doors slammed shut again. She was taken up to floor 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 all of them showing herself growing up, looking happy and content and spending time with her family. But when she got to floor 8, there was something different, her mum had an argument with her, and her dad had just left for work leaving her alone. A tear shed down Felicia’s cheek. On the 9th, 10th and 11th floor Felicia saw herself eating pot noodle, playing with her old doll house or watching ‘big brother’ all by herself. With a scary thought Felicia realised each floor seemed to represent a year of her life. The 12th floor was the worst so far, her mum and dad were talking about splitting up after having a year of arguments. Felicia didn’t even know about this. Again the doors shut, but the lift kept going on. Felicia was confused at seeing a 13th floor. The doors to the flat opened showing her parents in bed at night. Inside everything looked sad and gloomy, her mum seemed troubled and was chanting Felicia’s name out loud during her sleep. Her dad was tossing and turning and then woke up. He walked out of the flat and looked at the lift, the doors were open, but no one was there…


The Summer Holidays

So I haven’t been very good at all at blogging lately therefore I thought I would quickly show you what I got up to during the summer holidays. Especially as the lovely sunny weather is drawing to a close I thought it would be nice to use pictures rather than describe my experiences – pictures speak louder than words!



LAKE PICNIC WITH FRIENDS   1291634_875871205774286_1996387896_n 10567494_875871609107579_162751472_n








IMG_6798 IMG_6796 IMG_6797

I hope you liked my photos, if you are following me on instagram I am sure you have seen most of these but I had a fabulous holiday – I hope you did too! Bye x


This year for my special summer holiday, i joined my parents and went to Cornwall. Beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, cornwall was the BEST place to visit this summer. Luckily we chose the best week where there were some sunny and some cloudy days allowing us to go out and about and explore at the same as tanning! Our first week was spent in the south at a campsite called Penetwan Sands which excitingly had its own private beach.


The view from our caravan!


Due to the great weather we were able to walk on the cliff tops to Mevagissey and oh my! Mevagissey was a beauty! I adore beach towns and this one, well its was soooo pretty. The day before had been a carnival so the decorations were still up and they looked amazing. It certainly was one of those cute and cosy cornish seaside towns.

DSC01448DSC01475 - Version 2

Furthermore in Mevagissey we were able to get a ferry to Fowey. One day we decided to take the boat and travel the half hour trip another beautiful cornish beach town.  We spend the whole day in Fowey of which a whole hour was spent sitting having lunch overlooking this view, situated at a lovely restaurant called the Toll Bar.  As you can see I couldn’t help myself from ordering a milkshake!


From our campsite we were also able to cycle to Charlestown… cute! In Charlestown there unfortunately wasn’t very much to do however luckily it was very sunny and we were therefore content in visiting the pub for a drink and eating cornish pasties and crab sandwiches on the pebbled beach.

DSC01563 DSC01568

I love artsy shots so had to take this image. The ship in the background is called the Phoenix and lots of people had gathered in Charlestown that day to watch it enter the Harbour.


Port Isaac was also a beautiful seaside town, but there was something strangely familiar about it… Well for those who watch the popular UK TV series Doc Martin you will know this is the seaside village where it’s filmed and set in, otherwise known as Port Wenn. If you ever get the chance to go to Cornwall – don’t miss out, without a doubt visit Port Isaac.


Whilst in Port Isaac I may have ended up eating some unhealthy treats… The cream teas were very nice though… #noregrets

DSC01524 DSC01526

Well i hope you liked week one of my cornwall summer holiday images. You can’t really believe it was in England!? Hope you are all having a lovely summer too! xx Check the blog next week for my second week of the holiday!